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    Elderly care sector in China offers opportunities for UK companies

    From:Healthcare UK  View:443  Date:2014-11-13
    The mission to Chengdu, Kunming and Shanghai takes place from 19 to 24 October 2014. It will follow up on a number of business opportunities identified in China’s elderly care sector.    The itinerary will maximise opportunities to meet potential customers and... More >>

    Good News for Elderly: Happiness Keeps Growing

    From:Health Day  View:447  Date:2014-11-12
    The longer you live, the happier you're likely to be, a growing body of research shows.   Researchers who spoke at the recently concluded annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Toronto said that mental health generally improves with age. Given that the... More >>

    Support for elderly

    From:China Daily  View:382  Date:2014-11-12
    That 7,000 elderly residents are waiting for a bed in a home for the elderly in Beijing points to the escalating number of elderly residents and the shortage of facilities to meet their needs.   By the end of 2011, the number of Chinese residents above the age of 60 had reached... More >>

    Netizens call for more help for elderly

    From:CCTV  View:370  Date:2014-11-12
    Most people want the government to invest more money to care for the country's ever-growing elderly population , an online poll has found.   Out of the 8,476 Chinese polled, about 80 percent called for more money to go into the system over the next 10 years.  ... More >>

    Loneliness is 'hidden killer' of elderly

    From:BBC News  View:395  Date:2014-11-12
    Loneliness is the " hidden killer " of elderly people, says a campaign group, which is calling for greater recognition of the link between isolation and ill-health.   A group of charities is launching the Campaign to End Loneliness.   It warns that... More >>

    Services for the elderly

    From:China Daily  View:393  Date:2014-11-12
    China has a long tradition of filial piety, which is highlighted by Double Ninth Festival, or the Day for the Elderly, observed today .   Filial piety was traditionally viewed as the highest virtue and children had an obligation to take care of their aged parents, so... More >>