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    Lesbian, gay and bisexual seniors face twin fears of old age and homophobia

    From:The Guardian  View:466  Date:2015-01-23
    Old age is a challenge for everyone but even more so for the estimated one million Britons over 55 who are lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB). They face the double whammy of old age plus homophobia . “Being gay and getting older is similar to not being gay... More >>

    Forager-to-farmer transition 'may have weakened our bones'

    From:Medical news Today  View:376  Date:2015-01-20
    hese were the findings of a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Timothy Ryan, associate professor of Anthropology at the Pennsylvania State University, and Dr. Colin Shaw from the Phenotypic Adaptability, Variation and Evolution Research Group at... More >>

    George Osborne declares pensioner bonds sale 'hugely successful'

    From:The Guardian  View:395  Date:2015-01-20
    More than £1bn of the government’s new market-leading pensioner bonds have been sold to more than 110,000 over-65s, according to George Osborne. The chancellor said the sale had been “hugely successful” with £1,153m worth sold in the first two... More >>

    Islamic State in Iraq free elderly Yazidis

    From:BBC News  View:350  Date:2015-01-20
    The Islamic State (IS) militant group has freed at least 200 members of the Yazidi religious community in northern Iraq.  The group of mainly elderly Yazidis crossed out of IS-controlled territory and were received by Kurdish officials near the city of... More >>

    Artistic harvest of memories

    From:The Senior  View:408  Date:2015-01-07
    FAMILY farmers , producers and food makers around Australia are leaving the land at a rapid rate, meaning the next generation is far less likely to have the experience of visiting relatives at a family-owned farm. ArtGeo Cultural Complex Busselton resident artist... More >>

    Stroke victims lacking support

    From:The Senior  View:437  Date:2015-01-07
    A LACK of support for stroke survivors on returning home from hospital is limiting their recovery and quality of life, a national report has found. The National Stroke Audit Rehabilitation Services Report 2014 measured the performance of 111 hospitals across the country,... More >>