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    Neurodegenerative diseases 'may increase risk for criminal behavior'

    From:Medical News Today  View:698  Date:2015-01-07
    The study, published online in JAMA Neurology, also states that criminal acts such as theft, traffic violations, and public urination are also more likely to be early manifestations of such disorders.  Neurodegenerative diseases can cause dementia - a... More >>

    Meals on wheels for elderly in 63% decline under coalition, analysis finds

    From:The Guardian  View:718  Date:2015-01-05
    Meals on wheels deliveries for the elderly and vulnerable have seen a dramatic decline by almost two-thirds under the coalition, a Labour analysis has found. The research into services offered by English councils revealed there are an estimated 220,000 fewer meals on wheels... More >>

    Seniors should have their moment

    From:The Guardian  View:695  Date:2015-01-05
     Is old a dirty word? Not, of course, when describing valuable antiques. Or when it’s “Come on, old boy” or “That’s a good old girl” and the word refers only to how long you’ve known the person. Or when it’s a sort of Auld Lang Syne... More >>

    Help for the vulnerable after HMRC closes tax inquiry centres

    From:The Guardian  View:716  Date:2015-01-05
    Older people may feel left in the lurch when it comes to getting help with filing accurate self-assessment returns and other tax problems after the closure of the last of HM Revenue and Customs ’ 281 tax inquiry centres last summer. But new types of help are available to the... More >>

    Less than half of UK prescriptions for antipsychotics issued for main licensed conditions

    From:Medical News Today  View:448  Date:2014-12-30
    Elderly people twice as likely as middle aged to be given these drugs despite greater risk of side effects.  Less than half of UK prescriptions for antipsychotic drugs are being issued to treat the serious mental illnesses for which they are mainly licensed,... More >>

    Elderly stuck in hospital beds for eight months waiting for a nursing home

    From:Telegraph  View:712  Date:2014-12-30
      Elderly people are being trapped in hospital beds for up to eight months after they have recovered because nursing homes places are unavailable.  One patient waited a full year to be discharged despite being well enough to leave... More >>