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    Census care home study exposes how elderly are shut out of system

    From:Telegraph  View:453  Date:2014-12-09
     The acute shortage of care for older people in Britain is exposed in official figures showing how the population of care homes was left virtually unchanged during a decade which saw the biggest expansion in the overall elderly population ever.   ... More >>

    Following the Mediterranean diet could slow aging process

    From:Medical News Today  View:559  Date:2014-12-09
    Vegetables, fruits, nuts, copious amounts of olive oil and a glass of wine with a meal; while the Mediterranean diet sounds like a the makings of a delicious lifestyle, it has also long been regarded as one of the healthiest ways to eat. Now, researchers have suggested that the diet... More >>

    Elderly faced with ‘parade’ of 50 carers a year passing through their own home

    From:The Telegraph  View:348  Date:2014-12-04
    Frail elderly people dependent on care in their own homes are faced with a conveyor belt of up to 50 separate carers a year, an inquiry has found.  A commission on home care in England, chaired by the former care minister Paul Burstow , describes the system as a... More >>

    Old or sick people who employ carers to look after them handed tax break

    From:The Telegraph  View:369  Date:2014-12-04
    Old or sick people who employ carers to look after them will be able to access a Government allowance that eases the burden of national insurance costs for small scale employers.  Last year he waived the first £2,000 of   National Insurance... More >>

    Dementia patients denied care towards end of life

    From:The Telegraph  View:507  Date:2014-12-04
      Dementia sufferers lack proper care because the illness is not recognised as a terminal diagnosis, according to a report from leading charities.    The report, by Marie Curie and the Alzheimer's Society , highlighted the issues faced by... More >>

    David Cameron announces new fund to tackle dementia

    From:The Telegraph  View:748  Date:2014-12-04
    A new multi-million pound fund to tackle dementia will be announced in this week’s Autumn Statement , David Cameron has said, as he warned that the disease is “one of the greatest enemies of humanity”.    The Prime Minister said... More >>