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    Elderly drivers get a bum rap

    From:CBS News  View:376  Date:2014-12-03
    Drivers of a certain age often get a bad rap. But surprising study by AAA out today is challenging the conventional thinking about elderly drivers.   Bill Wallace, 85, has been driving since the 1940s. He says he'll continue to slip into the driver's seat as long... More >>

    The secrets of living to a ripe old age

    From:The guardian.com  View:354  Date:2014-12-03
    Alexander Imich , the world's oldest man, has died peacefully at home in Manhattan. He was 111. According to his niece, Imich put his long life down to a simple combination of good genetics, decent nutrition and exercise, and not having children.    But... More >>

    Could midlife diabetes increase risk of cognitive decline?

    From:Medical News Today  View:497  Date:2014-12-03
    A new study by researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD, suggests that a diabetes diagnosis in midlife may speed up the rate of cognitive decline over the following 20 years.   The research team, led by Elizabeth... More >>

    Old and cold

    From:The Economist  View:377  Date:2014-12-02
      HER most prized possession is a signed letter from the first woman in space. It was sent to Nadezhda Lesnichenko’s sixth-grade class when she was teaching them history in Frunze, then the capital of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic, in the 1960s. Ms... More >>

    Digging deeper

    From:The Economist  View:359  Date:2014-12-02
     From November 3rd British taxpayers began receiving personal tax summaries from the Treasury in the post, detailing their contributions to the exchequer and how they are spent. Taxpayers might be disconcerted to read that fully one-quarter of their contributions go towards welfare.... More >>

    keHip and hobbling

    From:The Economist  View:385  Date:2014-12-02
    IN CHRISTCHURCH, a town on the south coast of England, the coffee shops are packed all day. The cinema, which shows mostly Judi Dench and Maggie Smith films, is booked weeks in advance. An estate agent called “ Only Bungalows ” does a roaring trade; the weekly market, with its... More >>