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    The Delegation of Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau’s Visit in Housing Society Elderly Resources Centre

    From:HKELD   View:788   Date:2015-01-30

    In the afternoon,11th December,Danny Cheung, General Secretry of Hong Kong Elderly Commission,and Richard Fong, Chairman of Hong Kong Area from Hong Kong Elderly Commission, visited the Housing Society Elderly Resources Centre with the delegation of Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau.

    The Elderly Resources Centre (ERC), the first of its kind in Hong Kong, was set up by Hong Kong Housing Society in 2005. ERC is led by a group of experienced occupational therapists and social workers, aiming at promoting the concept of Ageing in Place (AIP) to the community, and helping the elderly to enjoy their life safely and comfortably.

    Service Delivery Concept

    The concept of AIP is to empower the elderly to live in their own home and community as long as possible. We propose the following three methods to help them to achieve AIP:

    1. A Suitable Living Environment:

    Provide professional consultation in housing and related services by meeting the changing needs of the elderly throughout the ageing process.

    2. Healthy and Active Ageing:

    Educate the elderly about age-related changes and help them to adapt to their retirement life actively and optimistically.

    3. Safety Living:

    Help the elderly to be aware of potential environmental hazards and risky behaviors, and to prevent home accidents.
    In the future,the delegation admired The Elderly Resources Centre ’ contribution,and looked forward to more cooperation with Hong Kong’s institutions.
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