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    Danny Cheung Visit Singapore for the Farther Cooperation

    From:HKELD   View:909   Date:2015-04-20

    Danny Cheung , the General Secretary of Hong Kong Elderly Commission was invited to attend the "6TH AGEING ASIA INNOVATION FORUM 2015" which was hold three days in Singapore from April 13-15. The participants were from the different countries around the world.All elderly industry experts and service providers in this meeting want to develop and organize regular visits at home and abroad. The purpose was to provide elderly senior management personnel exchange program and industry training and a series of work for the development of China's elderly industry Components.

    Mr. Cheung visited Autism Resource Center (ARC)which under the organization of Singapore government on his first arrival day .The organization mainly provides all kind of training and consulting services in which included early intervention ,extracurricular development, therapeutic, diagnostic assessment.
    In the center, it is highly computerized with friendly software and hardware design. It made him feel that Singapore's expertise in human caring nature has huge advantage comparing to most of domestic institutions.


    April 15 in the morning he visited the dementia Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA) in Singapore, the association is responsible for its services to prevent the early development of Alzheimer's Disease and make a plan ahead.Those associations of professional services are also very worthy to study by domestic institutions and government related dementia united.
    The dementia disease rate of population has been reported frequently in the news and cause a lot of attention. At the end, the Singapore Government will actively promote communities elderly brains game, to prevent premature dementia.


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