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    Elderly woman drowned in bath after husband died and trapped her

    From:The Dominion Post  View:849  Date:2015-09-14
    An elderly woman drowned in a bath she was sharing with her husband after he died and pinned her in the water. The strange circumstances surrounding the deaths of Yun Kau Ng, 73, known as Louis, and his wife Chiu Ngor Ng, 74, known as Elaine, in October 2013 were revealed in a report... More >>

    Ronda Rich: Something sadder than being dead and forgotten

    From:The Dominion Post  View:672  Date:2015-09-14
    On a day that I was visiting someone in a nursing home, angels, disguised as caregivers, came in and requested that I step out while they worked. I walked down the hall, observing a life that caused me to ponder the circle of life. I peeped into rooms — singles, doubles, and wards.... More >>

    Diane Atwood: Elderly are more susceptible to hypothermia

    From:NEWS CENTER  View:1056  Date:2015-02-04
      When it's as cold out as it is right now, hypothermia is a big risk. Diane Atwood, who writes the blog Catching Health, is here to tell us why some people are at risk even if they don't go outside. Atwood says that hypothermia can kill you. And the risk... More >>

    Park workers clear path for elderly man

    From:Good News  View:942  Date:2015-02-03
      There’s a lot of snow-shovelling going on today in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, with most of us just trying to get out of our driveways. When a recent snowfall blanketed a Wisconsin park, one man just wanted to take his daily walk to visit his favourite bench.... More >>

    A&E struggles with growing elderly population

    From:BBC News  View:836  Date:2015-02-03
    Recent reports have shown many hospital accident and emergency (A&E) departments are in crisis after facing unprecedented demand. Panorama spent seven days in A&E, at the University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton last year and it was busy, but meeting its targets. In January, we... More >>

    It’s important to future-proof care of our elderly

    From:The National  View:991  Date:2015-02-02
      Traditionally, Emirati families take care of their elderly. It’s a social value driven by our religion, which obliges us to be good to our parents, particularly as they grow older and require attention. Since most families are extended, the elderly find the attention... More >>